! The Haiku Challenge 2012 – 29 days – 29 Haiku – Day 14 !

a covalent bond
made of two souls to create
magical word ‘Love’!

Here you go my dear twitter users…

! おはよう  ございます  友人 !

Are you ready for The Haiku Challenge 2012? The prompts are out, rules are set, for more details visit HERE, and the challenge enters Day 14 with this post.. The challenge begins at 12 AM or 00:00 IST and goes on until GMT-08:30AM (i.e., the next day 02:00 PM or 14:00 IST), so all the time zones can participate in this challenge,and three cheers to all the challengers! Write a Haiku for the Theme or Word – ‘Love’ or ‘Valentine’ and share your Haiku Post Direct Link here in the linky tool or in comment section of this post, if Linky tool is not available. You can also tweet your Haiku as | Haiku | #FMHCD14 @FewMiles

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Haiku Heights meme is hosting a Haiku Challenge, “The Height of Haiku Challenge“, simply write 30 Haikus in 30 Days based on the theme given. The theme for the day is ‘MY CHOICE‘, so here I go…

I miss my heartbeat
from the moment I proposed
my love to my girl!

Because my heart beats
for my dream girl cute smile with
which I fell in love!

Numbers can’t define
the hours I dream of my girl
Love you my dream girl!

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PS: I was busy with my personal work for the past two weeks that kept me away from your beautiful writings. I will stop by fellow challengers and bloggers blog as soon as possible 🙂

! ~ Waited Gift ~ !

! ~ Waited Gift ~ ! (Haiku)

waited gift he is
born to call me as, ‘AMMA’
my sweet little prince

! ~ Waited Gift ~ ! (Butterfly Cinquain

My Prince
My Waited Gift
He is a sweet rhyme
Born to call me as ‘Mom’, Sweetly
Sweet Place
He is bliss to my motherhood
A song, art, and poetry
My tear of joy
My World

Haiku, published as a part of

Haiku Heights, Prompt 40: Born

Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Theme: Freestyle

Butterfly Cinquain, published as a part of

Poetry Potluck @ Jingle Poetry, Theme: Arts, Music and Poetry

One Single Impression, Prompt: Place

One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry

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