#300 ~ The Haiku Challenge 2012 – 29 days – 29 Haiku – Day 10

when our eyes met, the
world froze, heart flied, sweetest
ninety seconds

words spoken from heart
through eyes, makes life meaningful,
Someone is Special

special person, she
ignites my muse to write, nah!
to romance with pen

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! おはよう  ございます  友人 !

Are you ready for The Haiku Challenge 2012? The prompts are out, rules are set, for more details visit HERE, and the challenge enters Day 10 with this post.. The challenge begins at 12 AM or 00:00 IST and goes on until GMT-08:30AM (i.e., the next day 02:00 PM or 14:00 IST), so all the time zones can participate in this challenge,and three cheers to all the challengers! Write a Haiku describing about a Special day in your life and share your Haiku Post Direct Link here in the linky tool or in comment section of this post, if Linky tool is not available. You can also tweet your Haiku as | Haiku | #FMHCD10 @FewMiles

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Happy Haiku Challenge to you all! The Game is oN…!!!!!!!!!

I’m happy to say that with this post I’ve completed 300* posts. Wow! For the first time, I am penning down my own milestone post, and I am super happy to pen it, yah, happy!

As most of you know my sweet journey started with the poem, “First Waters”, and later (LEO – 100) & (Jingle – 200), (Simran Kaur, Geeta Singh and Mohini Purnaik – 250) honoured me with their guest post and I heartily thank them for sharing their words 🙂

Every time I used to invite my fellow writers to write a guest post but this time I did not, instead I requested one of my granny to write few words for me in general and the result is here.

In Hindi…

दोहा –

1. मन का तोसा गहन है इतना धन से भरण न पाई,
व तो तभी भरिये मानस ज्ञान जो ह्रदय समाई

2. मोह की मीठी चाश में तिखा न देख दिखाई
मोह की आस ब्रिथा जब होगी तब आएगी रुलाई

3. सुख ही कारण दुःख उपजत है
ये तत गुढ है आजानी
जो बोवत वाही हो कहावत यह तन खेत की नीयायी

In English…

Doha –

1. The satisfaction of mind cannot be ample by the money but it can be procured with the light of knowledge in heart and mind.

2. When we get so much of love, we are at the top of the world and get madly blind within its sweetness! But when we realize that there is no one to love, we mourn over it!

3. It’s only our hunger or eagerness to grab the happiness, the main reason behind our pain and cries… This truth is totally unknown! The one who sows this excitement within is prone to it’s loss… This is all the reality..

Thanks for the light grandma, “Swarn Kaur”, Grandma of Simran Kaur ~ My Friendship.

Wish – I wish to write more and more poems as well as creative fictions with proper grammar (trying to) from my heart, hopefully! Also to publish my novel soon.. Let’s see… Fingers crossed… What else??? Yeah… Party time………

Here we go.. Enjoy the Champagne… Join the party… Shower your blessings as comments or share the word to the world to enjoy the words..

If you have any doubts or concerns do leave a comment or use ‘Contact Me‘.

~Second Sweet Milestone~

Special things have their own great values and today are something really so special for my friend, someone is Special a.k.a Saravana, celebrating his 2nd Blog Anniversary. I would like to appreciate him for his excellence in whatever he writes. I don’t think there is any award which he doesn’t have. He is well known for his poetry and wonderful stories. I want to congratulate you on this sweet success. May you have  many more beautiful blogging years to come. Happy Blogging! 

Words from our Day’s Special One..
It is five in the morning; the climate is very chill here in London and I am very excited! I am so so happy because 20 October 2011 was one of those special days in my life and the reason is simple, today my blog turns two year old. Wow! Two years!! 730 days! 17520 hours of blogging! I am at the top of the world. Do I have words to express my words of joy? Hmmm I dunno but I want to thank my close friend because of her motivating words I entered into this beautiful world and my dream angel for inspiring me to write romantic words.

She chose pendownmythought, I chose Few Miles as the blog name, on 19 October 2009, I created this blog, and on 20 October 2009, I published the poem “First Waters” to start my journey of ‘Few Miles’. I would say the journey was bittersweet in my early days that made me depressed but my close friend helped me to overcome it and advised me to face the critics with confidence because they are the stepping-stones for success.

Thereafter the journey has experienced so many sweet moments. Few of them are BlogAdda’s Moments of Madness win, Leo Guest Post (100), Celebrate Poet of Awards, BlogJunta Editor Choice,  Verdict & Great Debaters win, Ji’s Guest Post (200), Success of Haiku Challenge, Blog M win, Blog-a-Ton win, IndiBlogger wins, Guest Post (250) – (Mohini, Geeta and Simran), searching her.. series and many.

I thank God for blessing such sweet moments in this journey. I also have a big list to thank and it starts from Leo, Jingle, Zainab, Scribbling Gal, Brian, G-Man, Amity, Vibz, Nanka, Bikram, Simran, Mohinee, Dreamy Girl, Jamie, Rachana, Cloud Nine, Deepika, and all my friends for your constant encouragement. I might have missed many names here in the list but all of you are residing in my heart and I heartily thank for the smiles you gave me in the past two years and hoping to receive the same amount of support in future too.

Without much delay, I welcome my sweet guests to grace the occasion…

 Collaboration of colorful thoughts may have made you to pen down…

 But it’s your beautiful heart that made you to reflect them out,

 The day you began this enthusiastic journey of Few Miles..

 You secured a special place in our heart and mind,

 Though this journey has bought many challenges to you..

 But at each step it come up with the glory of success and praises you,

 We love this ring of sharing…

 Overwhelm and nourishes within,

 The bond of caring…

 Eliminating the everlasting solitary,

 A journey you started with the love of Someone Special..

And here we accompany you with You Are Special,

The true strings of life you play…

As if your each word says, ‘Maybe its story of your life, come join me this way’

The bond of unity brightened the illusion pathway…

 And here we are standing together so high,

 The laurels of completing Few Miles,

 So let’s go ahead celebrating these sweet special moments,

Let the candles be light up and color up the journey with the spark of miracles,

Have a big delicious pie of cake poured with lots of love and wishes 

Special wishes from, Mohini

Wishes from Manisha,
One Two Three Four
Blue Green Red Yellow
Blow the balloons
The Night of Jubilation
Has Arrived
Slice the cake & have a pie
Sing in chorus and aloud
Shower the blessings
Simran n Saravana
Wish Your Blogs

Let the pride of
One successful year
The wonderful creations
On your face glow
Come along buddies
With warm heart
Best of best wishes
Give them a hug
Sing in chorus n aloud
Wish their Blogs

Wish them more successful
Years to come
Their creativity flows
Togetherness increase
Light of our friendship
Shines more
We will hold each other
In the days of thick n thin
We will share all ecstasy
Wish your Blogs

Wishes from Alpana,

As I look
Beyond the ripples of my reflections
To examine my inner self
The ripples begin to fade
As the reflection lays beside me
Grasping my hand
The inner warmth shields me
And the vision of my reflection appears
I see you
My Friend

Wishes from Sancheeta,

Few Miles and My Frienship
blog, blogging and relationship
an uplipftment of self realization
through creating page of a wonderful world
virtual space, feelings so true
creators canvas multicolored hue

light up the candles
on a choco layered cake
it is time to celebrate the
two blog’s Happy Birthday
wish you both the best
journey ahead, a lifelong
bond with the best of the best.

my love and care to my little princess 
my love and care to Saravana Kumar Murugan

Lastly, I thank Ms. Little Flower for honoring my blog with her gracious presence, and for publishing this post sweetly… I am sure you would have enjoyed her blog’s first birthday if you missed then join us here on her blog and wish the little flower for more and more success…

And finally, here comes the party… enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all yours!!!!!!

Image Credits – Google

#250* ~ The Sweet Milestone


Writing is my passion, and I am born in this world to express my dreams, I do so as poems and prose. I do prefer poetry as it helps me to rhyme what I love to, and attain peace.

I met an angel in my dreams, fell in love with and for whom I first penned a poem titled “Sorry”. From that day onwards, I started to pen down my thoughts in my diary. Later on request by my sweet friend, I started this blog on demand and as a sweet dedication to my dream angel with the pen name, “Someone is Special”. My sweet journey started with the poem, “First Waters”, and later LEO (100) & Jingle (200) honoured me with their guest post.

After travelling 249 miles, I decided to honour my blog with three precious angels’ write-up (‘Geeta Singh of Stimulation Of The Mind’, ‘Simran Kaur of My Friendship’ and ‘Mohini Puranik of Gurukripa’).

Geeta Singh ~ a sweet sister who always encouraged me with her sweet comments. Your sweet post honours my blog, thank you Sis.

Simran Kaur ~ Hey little one, not only your blog speaks about friendship but your comments and wishes spreads friendship, thank you sweet friend for honouring my blog.

Mohini Puranik ~ a sweet friend who always supports me with her sweet comments. I haven’t met such an enthusiastic blogger, her reviews and comments are very encouraging. Thanks for honouring my blog with your sweet post and poster.

I also thank Mohini for honouring me with the invite to judge for the contest, “Grand Patriotic Poetry”, Theme: ‘Independent Bharat’. I invite you all to write for the contest.

Thanks thanks thanks Geeta, Simran and Mohini for honouring my blog. Happy Man…

Here is the invite I sent to the angels…

Hi Friends,

Good Morning!

After travelling 249 miles in my blog, I thought 250 should be a guest post, so I love to invite you three precious angels to write my 250th mile.
Write anything as you wish and send me a mail before tomorrow morning so that I can post it as a guest post… Thanks in advance… Do let me know if you have any issues in writing the guest post… I wish to see three of sending me your guest post Write individually or as you wish… SmileS…

Someone is Special

I was happy to read such a sweet surprise. Thank you for your blessings… Without much delay, please joine me in welcoming these precious angels to my blog as guest writers…

Someone is Special is celebrating 250 miles of his journey.

He has given this honour to Geeta Singh, Simran Kaur and me (Mohini Puranik), calling us as an angel.

So, our team is very happy to present something different, something special for you and we congratulate Someone is Special, by this post………………….

Few Miles ~ Geeta Singh

F – Flourishing – flourishing in its own right, coming together in powerful new ways.
E – Embodying – embodying exploded concepts, will tyrannize over the imagination.
W – Wandering – wandering the world and witnessing great events
M – Motivating – motivating people, by having productive ideas.
I – Inspiring – inspiring passion in family and friends has more enduring value
L – Loving – loving heart is the truest wisdom
E – Enriching – enriching my mind from those surrounding me
S – SmilS by SIS for SmilS of All

Celebration of 250 miles ~ Simran Kaur

Fantasize feast and penned facsimile in heart,
I enliven with and interlace through,
Sermonize expressions enraptured me expressionistic,
Mesmerizing me and my thoughts with the bright hue of sensitivity,
Sometimes limerick, Sometimes lachrymal,
Dedication in heart and mind to reach at the final destination,
Covering few miles with laurels

Sweet Miles ~ Mohini Puranik

विश्वास जो चला है मीलों तक
प्रेम का सफर चलता रहेगा
हजारों मीलों तक
रह पग पर है विश्वास
आशा, प्रेम, उमंग, उल्हास
मील मील यह प्रेम का
थोडा सा जो लगा था (Few Miles)
बन गया सफर प्रेम का
कुछ विशेष था, कुछ विशेष है (Special)
हर मील हर पल बना
इस सफर में special
चलना है आगे हजारों मील
आपका साथ हो हर मील

…Thanks Geeta for the Acrostics, Mohini for the poem & poster and Simran for the poem, pleasure to have you all here.. SmileS