Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas
Merry  Christmas !
I think  of  all  the gifts
That gives me immense pleasure
But  nothing can bring the magic  that
Your eyes bring to me when you look into mine

You are my
Gift !
Wish me say that you are my Christmas Gift!

this is a manifesto
for our true love
& life !

The Christmas tree with the lights and gifts
Reminds  me of the time under the  moon !
With the love from the deep of your heart
I cherish you the most and I love you so !
With you I celebrate every hour & minute !

Six Words Saturday: “Merry Christmas to one and all”

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An Innocent Fire
Lit up the spirit of prayer
The way to reach God

Innocent Fire in your Soul – God

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Magic Pie, 40

Is love is life?

Why he is not accepting my love? Am I not that beautiful? Am I not that sexy? Am I not that rich? Am I not a perfect match to him? Why I fell in love with him? Why this is killing me? I am confused totally, God, please save me, please from this unbearable pain

PS: I read this in a paper found near her dead body written in blood. As a kind-hearted human being, I want to share this piece of info to everyone and request you to think twice before taking a decision that ends your life.

Six Word Saturday:-Think twice before taking stupid decisions

Info:-  55-Fiction refers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 55 words.

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