“Friendship is not Hi bye, life” – Six Word Saturday

Wow! What a day it was”, It taught me what is life, I mean Friendship. Just 8 hours ago I, Adithi, Rachana and Rahul, the fabulous four idiots started to our favourite place. We visit this place atleast once in a month to enjoy and share our thoughts. But today we had a different experience and I decided to pen down it as Friendship.

Me: Hey guys, be careful as these are slippery mountain areas.

Adithi: Please clutch your hands with the one next to you.

Let’s enjoy this trip to the max as we had never enjoyed before. Wooooh… Ahhhh…………. Friends….. Forever………….., I was shouting like anything and so the rest; we were enjoying the climate and the beauty of nature. God is the Real Nature Admirer because he created it with beauty and risk in equal proportion.

Rahul: Hey guys this is a dangerous place so be careful.

Me: Hah stop you stupid guy; always you are worried about life. See, life is an interesting game, so enjoy the next second with zillions of smiles and billions of risk. “Life is so little done, so much to do”, so enjoy each and every moment of it.

Rahul sounded angrily, “Ok Hero, Let’s carry on”…

But in seconds I slipped, shouted, “Hey… Hey… Hey….. Guys…” and rolled with Adithi as we both had our hands clutched. I was pensive, didn’t react any but rolled with her and almost reached the edge of the mountain. Thank God, Adithi held a half cut tree’s root in one hand and in the other I was hanging. Those moments were very crucial as it was between life and death. In about ten minutes Rachana and Rahul came with the rope and helped us to reach a safe place nearby. We hugged each other thanked God as we escaped with little wounds.

Rachana: Wow! What a beautiful place is this?

Rahul: Let me add some more treasures

Me: You are mad, super mad…

Rahul once again sounded angrily, “Am I?” God created nature for us to admire and enjoy the beauty, See how beautiful the Nature is, a bridge with some missing steps with an unknown destiny, reflections of the trees, shrubs and the mountain, these are priceless man, and you can’t buy these with money. I know you love it but just for teasing me don’t sound stupid…

Me: Just kidding dear, let’s click and enjoy…

We all danced, shouted and enjoyed a memorable one… Almost an hour done, we enjoyed but we never know the way to get back to parking places. Somehow we managed to get back to the car.

Rahul: Wow, what a beautiful experience?

Rachana: We enjoyed a lot guys, super nature

Adithi: A wonderful experience

I just kept quiet knowing that they are waiting for my word. I started the car, accelerated, paused for some time and said, “I learnt what life is, I mean Friendship – Life Long Friendship”. I would say, “Friendship is not Hi bye, life

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