Valentine Week ♥ Propose Day ♥ February 8

FLASH NEWS: Indians made a new world record by selling more than 100,000,000 roses in less than 24 hours. Valentine’s Week fever?

Whatever I wrote may not be correct numbers, but I heard from my friends living in India that most of the flower shops reported that the flowers were sold out in the morning itself. That’s great news!

There is a flipside to each coin.” That I second. On the other side, roses price were hiked just because it is Valentine Week. It is a Perfect Marketing Strategy, but is it acceptable? I do not wish to comment on that, but it is certainly a question to ponder!

The second day in the Valentine Week is Propose Day. On this day, you can propose your love without any fear of rejection. It is your right to express your feelings, propose your love, and propose marriage to your partner. Do not shy away. Just go down on one knee and speak from your heart. I am sure your life will be happy thereafter.

Make sure you choose a nice place for your proposal. A ring is must! If possible, arrange a photographer to capture those precious moments, or arrange for a camera and a tripod. I am saying this because in the recent past, I read an article where a girl penned down her expectation on Proposal Day – “How I want to be proposed?” The first point was “When my future husband proposes me, I want him to arrange for a photographer, and capture my blushes. I want to frame it for a lifetime.

And, I wonder, will we experience a hike in Diamond and Gold Prices?

Keep your proposal sweet and simple!

I, being a person who loves capturing moments through my lens, captured those precious moments using my camera and tripod. Below are the few snaps I clicked on my precious days.

Clicked at Poovar Island, Kerala.

Clicked at Lubeck Beach, Germany.

Vidhya and I printed these photographs and hanged them on our bedroom walls along with the poems I wrote for her. Quite romantic, I would say. I will post a snap of our bedroom on Valentine’s Day!

This image is designed especially for the Valentine Week. Make it yours! If you enjoy reading this post, come back tomorrow for more. Have a good day!

♥ Celebrate Love ♥
♥ Sarav Vidhya ♥

Valentine Week ♥ Rose Day ♥ February 7

Love. Love is beautiful. Love makes life beautiful. This week, being the Valentine Week, I’ll be writing daily describing the day, dos and don’ts, and share some ideas.

Valentine’s Day is the Day of Love. A special day in every one’s life. The very thought of it excites me. It cannot be said in words, it has to be felt within. I am glad I found my special one – someone special – my Vidhya. This is our third Valentine’s Day and I have sent a special invite to her (Watch the video on Close up Site). I will write more about it in the coming days.

Coming back to the topic, from Valentine’s Day to Valentine’s week, is it a commercializing idea?

If I am not wrong, in my school days, my friends proposed their love on Valentine’s Day without any fear of rejection, and made it special buying small gifts. Even if it is small celebration, it will be between the couple. The trend has changed now. I see a lot of videos on different kind of proposals and even I read a lot about special Valentine’s proposal ideas. Most of them are very different to what it was ten years before. I like the change. Though it is commercialized to an extent, still it is good to Celebrate Love. I am embedding couple of videos I enjoyed watching on Close up Website.

Hope you enjoyed watching the video like I did. It is good to celebrate Valentine Week, if possible Valentine Year too 🙂

Valentine Week starts with a Rose Day. On this day, lovers greet each other with ever-beautiful red roses and go out on a date. Or you could send a card and a rose to your secret love. If you are in a live-in relationship or married, then wake up early in the morning, buy a fresh rose, and place it on the pillow next to your love. Play some pleasant music on a low volume, open the window curtains, wait until your love wake up and enjoy the surprise. If you want to freeze the moments, place a camera to record the precious moments of life.

This image is designed especially for the Valentine Week. Make it yours! If you enjoy reading this post, come back tomorrow for more. Have a good day!

♥ Sarav Vidhya ♥