IT Job, decent salary, happily married (oxymoron), own house, what do I miss? I ask myself what is that single line item I miss now? Is the answer a bike…? A Bike, for a family? Or a car, preferably a SUV? But it should not cost a bomb. I say to myself.

Of course, it will not. These days, the designers of car are smart enough to target the right set of people.

Am I a target, I ask myself?

No… no, what I meant is… okay, no more arguments my dear. Watch this video…

The all new DATSUN REDI-GO from Nissan with pride. Looks good! But… will it be cost effective? Will it have all the latest features?

There is more than a dozen feature. Let me brief about my favourite three!

Okay, go on…

It’s a unique fusion of compact crossover and urban hatchback, offering the best of both worlds. It’s compact and sleek, yet robust and aggressive. The exterior is more of a premium appeal, just like you.

Okay, agreed. The look is great! What about the features?

It’s spacious. It can be overloaded! (Tongue out)

I’ll kick your ass. Go ahead and explain the dashboard, music system and any new features that is possess.

Let me start with the adaptive power steering that has unbelievable stability at high speeds. The next for the techie inside you, the drive computer that is loaded with features like shift indicator, average mileage, distance to refill the tank, (of course, your mind will think about the credit card EMIs. Do not worry, it has a fuel economy of 25.17 km/l) and what not? Feel it, techie dude.

Impressive… but is it on highways or on normal roads?

It’s combined. Let me tell you that this sleek car can help you swim in the traffic, with amazing five speed manual transmission and superior air-conditioning system.

I am convinced… but give me one more strong reason to buy it.

Hmm… You can make a full turn around with just a 4.7 metre turning radius. You do not have to worry about driving on small roads or trying hard to work on back gear. I know you suck at it (Tongue out)

I am going to behead you. Before that tell me can I test drive?

People who can drive can test drive, so I guess you cannot. By the way which city do you prefer?

I love to test drive in Bangalore. If I love the experience, and if it is not going to hurt my EMIs, then I may book it.)

How should I make him book the car? Let me think… 1, 3, 5…

What are you thinking?

Give me your mobile, I quickly open Google play store and install DATSUN INDIA. I launch the app and show him the phone.


A techie is always a techie!

The conversation between me and myself is impressive enough to book the car. Because all we need is Fun. Freedom. Confidence. And the ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback promises it!

! Wishes !

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As a human being…
O my beautiful God!
Give me the world
With no trace of war
Give me the country
With no fear of crime
Give me the people
With no difference in races
Give me the neighbor
With no jealousy in heart
Give me the relations
With no fake smile on the face
If not,
Give me the soul
With no wish to wish!

As an IT Professional…

O my beautiful God!
Give me the workplace
With no partiality in people
Give me the client
With no insulting words on call
Give me the project
With no dreadful word: deadline
Give me the code
With no bug in it
Give me the day
With no Monitor to stare at
If not,
Give me the world
With no ‘IT’ word!

As a poet…

O my beautiful God!
Give me the morning
With no horn sound
Give me the night
With no artificial stars
Give me the air
With no pollution in it
Give me the water
With no ships on it
Give me the Mountain
With no tourists in it
If not,
Give me the heart
With no love for poems!

As Someone is Special

O my beautiful God!
Give back the beautiful place
Where I lived for 300 peaceful days
Give back the joyful childhood
When I smiled for no reasons
Give back the friendly lap
Where I slept for hours
Give back the lovely day
When I slept for 24 hours
Give back the school
Where I was the only Hero
Give back the sweet moments
When I scored centum in Mathematics
Give back the narrow road
Where I raced with cycles
Give back the pleasant time
When I first felt who I am to someone
If not,
Give me the heart
With belief as weapon
That these words will come true
One day!

O my beautiful God!
  Grant me these wishes!
O my beautiful God!

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Thursday Poets Rally, Week 36

The Light Festival

It is time to celebrate the light festival. I wish you all a very happy Diwali.

composed of
diyas & crackers
enlightens our
souls with
peace &

brings happiness, purity,
glory, fragrance that fills
our soul with eternal smile,
love, peace and drive away
the darkness and lights
up our new life….

Gayatri Mantra

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