Something is special for someone and this is special for my dream one

First Waters‘ poem published in February 2011 issue of Cynic Online Magazine.


Silently, I waited; I searched for the signs.
I looked all around for myself different from me.

The lavender rays glittering in the air,
Of which the dandelion sun had no share!

The sweetness of time, gone without notice.
All because of the treasure I cannot miss!

The senses submitted themselves to a superior sense,
That rose above and name itself ‘Love’.

But the waters are new and the feet are weak.
What if I slipped and got myself drowned?

The light of hope accompanied the thirst;
The fear became an imagination, forgotten first.

Will the light lead me to the sun?
Or blind me with its overpowering force?

I step into the waters trusting the light,
That broke the silence of my searching eyes.


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Sarav Sign