Wishlist… it’s part and parcel of life. There cannot be a person who claims that I do not have a wishlist. I too have a list and I had listed my wishes in the past. Yes, in 2010, I penned down a poem, listing my wishes as different persona, and it was welcomed by all my friends in blog-o-sphere. This time, I am going to list down the wishes, and I pray for it to come true soon.

  1. Become a vegetarian.
  2. Become a Veteran, Super Veteran and King of Blog-a-Ton.
  3. Become an Editor of a Publishing House. (I am the Guest Editor for couple of publishing houses.)
  4. Candlelight dinner with Vidhya. (Not just one… we had many)
  5. Click a photograph under Eifel Tower with Vidhya.
  6. Click one epic picture of Vidhya and myself on the beach. (love in the air)
  7. Create a wish list. (Finally!)
  8. Do Para Gliding.
  9. Do Scuba Diving.
  10. Compile and Edit a collection of short stories. (Compiler & Editor of Shades Of Life Book Series)
  11. Feed a child for a year.
  12. Get featured in Top Blogs of India.
  13. Get interviewed as an Author/Compiler/Editor.
  14. Go for a drive from California to San Francisco.
  15. Go for a drive on Auto Bahn.
  16. Go on a holiday with my best friend alone. (secret)
  17. Go on a holiday with my parents.
  18. Go on a holiday with my very big family to Maldives.
  19. Have roadside food with Vidhya.
  20. Hear my mom say, ‘I am proud of you’ after reading any one of my works.
  21. Host Blog-a-Ton for 25 Editions.
  22. Host Haiku Challenge for three continuous Years.
  23. Inspire someone to start a blog. (Inspired so many family members and friends to start Blogs)
  24. Learn at least one European Languages. (I can speak and write in German – Deutsch)
  25. Learn Guitar. (Managed to learn guitar, but never practised it)
  26. Meet Aishwarya Rai once in my life and propose her.
  27. Meet Little one and her family with Vidhya.
  28. Own a bike.
  29. Own a car.
  30. Own a Ducati Bike.
  31. Own a Kindle.
  32. Own a House.
  33. Own a RANGE ROVER car.
  34. Perform a dance with Vidhya for her favorite song.
  35. Read 100 books in a year.
  36. Receive a handwritten letter. (Received a handwritten letter from Ash)
  37. Receive a sketch of my portrait. (Simran sketched my portrait)
  38. Receive appreciation from a stranger on email. (received many such emails)
  39. Receive appreciation from a stranger on my Tamil Poems. (https://iamsarav.com/tamilpoems/)
  40. Spend a day with Vidhya without teasing her.
  41. Sketch a romantic girl’s face.
  42. Take a boat ride in Venice with Vidhya.
  43. To have at least one reader who would read anything and everything I write.
  44. Visit all four South Indian States (Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu).
  45. Visit Amritsar Golden Temple.
  46. Visit these cities in the world (Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Engelberg, Interlaken, London, Luzern, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Neuhausen (Rhine Falls), Salzburg, Rome, Unterseen (Swiss Caves), Venice, Vienna, and Zermatt).
  47. Win a prize for clicking a photograph. (awarded second prize in a contested hosted by BlogAdda)
  48. Win a prize for sketching a girl’s face. (won inter school competitions)
  49. Win a prize for writing a poem.
  50. Win a prize for writing a prose.
  51. Win a prize for writing a travelogue.
  52. Write a book and get it published.(Coffee Date…!) Grab your copy from here
  53. Write a short story and get it published. (It came true many times by the Grace of God!)
  54. Write a short story collection and get it published. (publishing in progress)
  55. Write a short story collection in Deutsch and get it published.die 55
  56. Write a short story in Deutsch (LiebesGeschichte)
  57. Write a travelogue.
  58. Write one horror novel that would send thrills down the spine to me.
  59. Write/Direct at least one short film.

(Sorted alphabetically)

There are many more. I will add them when I find time. Seeking your blessing for all of them to come true.